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Chess Record Corp A Tribute

By Richard Ganter

Chess Record Corp A Tribute Cover Image

Chess Record Corp A Tribute

Chess Record Corp , A Tribute  is the ultimate pictorial journey of one of the most iconic record labels in the history of music . Chess Records the foundation of Rock n roll.

See the faces that made Chess one of the most seminal record  labels in the world.

Virtually, every rock & pop artist in the 20 & 21th century  can trace back to  the influence and unique sounds of Chess Records artists.

This high quality illustrated hard back  features over 150 unique artist images from Blues,Gospel,Jazz, Rock & Soul as well as unique memorabilia images. Also includes complete R&B chart entry history of Chess Records and the Chess family archive contributions.

A one of a kind 70th anniversary celebration of Chess Records for music fans worldwide.

Foreword by Marshall Chess  &  Introductions by Richard Ganter.

Hardback ISBN: 9781784567118

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Hardback: £30.00