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I hope this scans

By Colin McAllister

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Colin McAllister was born in 1942 in Sao Paulo, Brazil but has lived in St Andrews since 1955. He was educated at the Abbey School, Fort Augustus and at St Andrews University, where he graduated with MA Honours in Political Economy and Geography. For 28 years he taught Economics and related subjects at Dundee College. He was Captain of The New Golf Club at St Andrews in 1999 and President of St Andrews Burns Club from 2005 to 2007. Golf is his main hobby, but other interests include Scottish history, the Gaelic language, economics and politics, good wine and malt whisky, and foreign travel.

He published But does it scan? In 2008, Can I Scan? In 2012 and it’s Quite an Uncanny in 2016, More than 100 jokes That Made Me Laugh in 2016 and To Scan or Not To Scan in 2018.

Paperback ISBN: 9781784567576

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Paperback: £5.00

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