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The Beautiful me collection: Makeeda and the painting

By Marlene Service

The Beautiful me collection: Makeeda and the painting Cover Image

The Beautiful Me Collection - Big Kids Edition 6+


Makeeda and the Painting ~


Have you ever heard the expression - "a picture is worth a thousand words,” 


How often do we look at an image without text and know just what the painting or photograph is trying to say?


It is almost as if there is a silent coversation taking place,  and only those who speak the language can be part of this mysterious dimension of thought.


It has been said that where there is art there are no lonely hearts.


In this story, Makeeda gets really close to uncovering a secret only artists know....


This story was written by Marlene Service and co-written by both of her daughters Nylah-May Service aged 9 and Xi-Ana Ray Service aged 6. Credit for the creative concept of this story must be given to the girls who really tapped into their imagination and came up with such a fun and layered idea.


Celebrating Diversity - There are 5 delightful books in The Beautiful Me Collection and to learn more you can visit 

Hardback ISBN: 9781784567675

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Hardback: £12.99