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The Executioner Cover Image The Executioner
by Desmond McGrath

The Executioner’s face is always well hidden – isn’t it? When Liam ‘the S... read more >>

Private Execution Cover Image Private Execution
by Desmond McGrath

A plane carrying gold ingots crashes into the sea. A boat with its illegal cargo of drugs founde... read more >>

One Last Kill Cover Image One Last Kill
by Desmond McGrath

Jack Reec’s hurting. Wounded three times by his old enemy, psychopathic killer David Walke... read more >>

I AM Cover Image I AM
by Beth Southall

'Guessing who's next on the page; captures any imagination' ‘Dedicated to my Four Beauti... read more >>

Jake's Journey Cover Image Jake's Journey
by Gregor Girvan

The Ready Bears books - for wee people and aliens! Jake, a grizzly bear, is returning home to ... read more >>

Shikwa, Jawaab-e-Shikwa Cover Image Shikwa, Jawaab-e-Shikwa
by Sabeena Khan

Dated 1909, A dialogue took place between a man and his Lord, stretching beyond the imaginations ... read more >>

The Kissing Tree Cover Image The Kissing Tree
by Helen Wendy Cooper

A dark sleek bird flew down to a tree, “What a splendid tree this is for me!” He boun... read more >>

The Adventures of the Winged Prince Cover Image The Adventures of the Winged Prince
by John Stephan

During a time of darkness, the Winged Prince is sent by the gods to kill the evil King hell bent ... read more >>

Farewell to Bad Times Cover Image Farewell to Bad Times
by Zsolt Stanik

As a nuclear engineer, Zsolt Staník lived for decades in the fascinating world of atoms, ... read more >>

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