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Between Love and War Cover Image Between Love and War
by Dr. Steven N. Kajevich

In an article for the Chicago Tribune newspaper (July 10, 2013), “the Remarkable Tale of th... read more >>

Footprints of Faith Cover Image Footprints of Faith
by Rodney Schofield

Exploring Kent's Heritage of Manuscripts, Murals and Martyrs read more >>

Countermeasures Cover Image Countermeasures
by Barry Hunt

Amir Mansour, an IS jihadist, has information he wants to pass to British Intelligence in return ... read more >>

To Teach Art Cover Image To Teach Art
by Harman Sumray

“The need is to establish a structured mode of learning in which the freedom of the individ... read more >>

Saltaire Blonde – Alan Hall ISBN:  Cover Image Saltaire Blonde – Alan Hall ISBN:
by Alan Hall

Seeking a new life in Yorkshire, Alison befriend Marta, the Saltaire Blonde of the title. Soon Al... read more >>

Metaphysical Imagination and Other Essays on Philosophy and Modern  European Mind  Cover Image Metaphysical Imagination and Other Essays on Philo
by Michael Moran

I have written this volume not primarily for fellow academics but for anyone really interested in... read more >>

Salvation Earth Cover Image Salvation Earth
by Alan Boswell

A barbarian and an enchanted sword. With they be enough to save humanity? A barbarian battles his... read more >>

The House of Secrets Cover Image The House of Secrets
by Fay Evans

Caroline is determined to discover the truth at all cost. Would you probe the secrets of an old ... read more >>

Conquering Consumption with Exercise and Nature Cover Image Conquering Consumption with Exercise and Nature
by David Thomas

A story of Mount Vernon hospital, in London, by doctor DJB Thomas, a former physician at the faci... read more >>

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