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The House Of Secrets Cover Image The House Of Secrets
by Fay Evans

Caroline is determined to discover the truth at all cost. Would you probe the secrets of an old ... read more >>

Green on Snow Cover Image Green on Snow
by Carol Macfie Lange

Isandro has left his Spanish Andalucian village to search for his sister in Paris. There he meets... read more >>

Best Foot Forward Cover Image Best Foot Forward
by Lyn Halvorsen

Best Foot Forward - Moving on from Anxiety - is a handbook written with warmth, compassion and hu... read more >>

The Feel-Good Factor and other stories Cover Image The Feel-Good Factor and other stories
by Michael Jimack

The second collection of short stories by the author, a retired social worker, covers a wide rang... read more >>

To Live Another Day Cover Image To Live Another Day
by Ed Lane

After three years in his own time, Chris Lennox is again thrown back to Georgian England where wa... read more >>

by Sue Evans

This is a romantic tale with a sinister twist. It centres around the life of Luke, an artist, who... read more >>

Robert The Wayward Prince Book 1 - The Making of an Empire Cover Image Robert The Wayward Prince Book 1 - The Making of a
by Austin Heron

The Battle of Hastings is won and William the Conqueror now rules England. But the victory bring... read more >>

Seymore Cover Image Seymore
by Eric Griggs

In their home port of Bristol, the Seymores were feared, but they had no difficulty in obtaining ... read more >>

The Experimental Cook: "A new approach to the art of cooking" Cover Image The Experimental Cook: "A new approach to the art
by Sharad Pradhan

Ah! not another cookery book, you might say.  Not quite; this book shows you how you can lea... read more >>

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