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Cosies Galore! Cover Image Cosies Galore!
by Monica Russel

Cosies are fun and practical.  They can be used to keep tea-pots, cafetieres and eggs warm a... read more >>

The Honest Guide To Becoming A Digital Marketer Cover Image The Honest Guide To Becoming A Digital Marketer
by Lizzie Benton

Whether you currently work in marketing or looking for a role in the industry, this book will tea... read more >>

Old Secrets - Revised version Cover Image Old Secrets - Revised version
by Ian Ingram

When priceless pictures and antiques from a wealthy colonel's manor house go on the market after ... read more >>

Beauty Becomes You Cover Image Beauty Becomes You
by John Goldsworthy

A vengeful killer is intent on his quest to shame the religious perpetrators of his childhood abu... read more >>

God must be Crazy Cover Image God must be Crazy
by Arthur S Dunkley

"?" Is the evolutionary achievement of a dominant intelligence the inevitable precursor to spec... read more >>

The Road Ahead Cover Image The Road Ahead
by Christine Griffin

It's never too late to change as the characters in this poignant collection of stories demonstrat... read more >>

Hidden Agendas Cover Image Hidden Agendas
by Barry Hunt

Before he dies, an IS jihadist warns the West of a planned attack in London.  The terrorist ... read more >>

Iraq: The Rape of a Country Cover Image Iraq: The Rape of a Country
by Terry Gardiner

Terry Gardiner ran a business in the Middle East for more than 30 years, and was living and worki... read more >>

Not Quite A Stranger Cover Image Not Quite A Stranger
by Shane White

Families – you can’t live with them,              ... read more >>

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