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Rudy the Reindeer Cover Image Rudy the Reindeer
by Helen Wendy Cooper

Rudy the Reindeer lives at Cob House Country Park with his reindeer family. Along with his best ... read more >>

A Diamond For Daniella Cover Image A Diamond For Daniella
by Stacey George

This book tells the story of a woman who becomes involved with a crook who trades in coloured dia... read more >>

Pannal Falls Free Cover Image Pannal Falls Free
by Ken Dransfield

A kind visit, when the author was seriously ill in hospital, together with a thoughtful gift of a... read more >>

Grace Under Pressure Cover Image Grace Under Pressure
by Peter Quince

"When I see light and dark, on off, on off, something weird happens inside me... Something change... read more >>

Grunts and Wermits - The Dawn of the Space Age Cover Image Grunts and Wermits - The Dawn of the Space Age
by Keith Lea

Why is Maximus Toadus hiding Crustaceous? Has Crustaceous managed to evolve back into Tartarus a... read more >>

And Don't Forget The Roses Cover Image And Don't Forget The Roses
by P. J. Paterson

'You Haunt me like a beautiful jewel, hung in ghastly night' - William Shakespeare Sam had kept ... read more >>

The Long Reach Back Cover Image The Long Reach Back
by P. J. Paterson

It was never the case of good people doing nothing; rather if they are prepared to cross the line... read more >>

Creative Mindpower Cover Image Creative Mindpower
by Frank Lea

A self-help guide to easily, quickly and safely overcome many emotional, psychological and physic... read more >>

Christian Philosemitism in London 1810-1850 Cover Image Christian Philosemitism in London 1810-1850
by Rodney Curtis

This book examines the foundation of the London Jews Society (LJS) in 1809, and the construction ... read more >>

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