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Creative Mindpower Cover Image Creative Mindpower
by Frank Lea

A self-help guide to easily, quickly and safely overcome many emotional, psychological and physic... read more >>

Christian Philosemitism in London 1810-1850 Cover Image Christian Philosemitism in London 1810-1850
by Rodney Curtis

This book examines the foundation of the London Jews Society (LJS) in 1809, and the construction ... read more >>

Hetty's Hidden Treasure Cover Image Hetty's Hidden Treasure
by Helen Clarke & Sarah Conacher

A SECOND AMAZING ADVENTURE begins as Hetty and her dad arrive at their beach hut for the summer. ... read more >>

Purposeful You Cover Image Purposeful You
by Vonesai Chivore-Muhaso

"The average British family spends just 34 minutes a day together during the week" "4 out of 10 ... read more >>

The Tide of Love Cover Image The Tide of Love
by Kathleen Steele

When the figure of a man was washed up on the beach close to where she was staying Helen Western ... read more >>

Secret of Day Dream Cottage Cover Image Secret of Day Dream Cottage
by Valerie Mcllroy

Suddenly out of the blue a letter arrive that would change Norma's life completely. After readin... read more >>

What is Critical Social Research? Volume II Cover Image What is Critical Social Research? Volume II
by Babak Fozooni

This is the second volume of an anthology of articles about critical social science. No part of ... read more >>

Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality Cover Image Astrology, Crystals and Spirituality
by Patricia Godden

Exploring spirituality can be facilitated through a willingness to use the ancient wisdom inheren... read more >>

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