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Giant Killers Cover Image Giant Killers
by Ray Cole & Dene Butler

Peterborough United have a proud and illustrious history in the FA Cup. In this book we cover eve... read more >>

A Whisper of Witches Cover Image A Whisper of Witches
by Anna Fernyhough

It is the tail end of the 1600s in rural Northamptonshire. For two centuries the whole of England... read more >>

A Whisper in the Gloom Cover Image A Whisper in the Gloom
by Michael Limmer

Who is trying to destroy Barclay Clements’ fragile wife Nicky? The mysterious figure from... read more >>

Time is the master of all things: Woodland Cover Image Time is the master of all things: Woodland
by R J Huet

It was a time when mankind had shed its primitive mantle and a basic civilisation had evolved. ... read more >>

The Landlord's Friend Cover Image The Landlord's Friend
by Paul Shamplina

Today, with more than 170 pieces of landlord legislation in place, two well-known names in the wo... read more >>

The Weymouths of Salcombe Haven Cover Image The Weymouths of Salcombe Haven
by Virginia Lown

Having grown up with stories of her ancient lineage in Salcombe, writer and journalist  Virg... read more >>

Good Business: Ethics at Work Cover Image Good Business: Ethics at Work
by Quakers Business Group

Good Business: Ethics at Work Advices and queries on personal standards of conduct at work. The... read more >>

Saltaire Green Cover Image Saltaire Green
by Alan Hall

Mockingly nicknamed Mr Green, he nevertheless believes he can get away with anything, even murder... read more >>

Dino Days Cover Image Dino Days
by Phillip Brigstock

Dino Days reveals the realities of classic car ownership and it focuses on an icon of the classic... read more >>

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