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Saltaire Gold Cover Image Saltaire Gold
by Alan Hall

Unravelling a mysterious death from 1979 and two more recent killings in Saltaire requires all th... read more >>

Laurence Bounds - My Life in Letters Cover Image Laurence Bounds - My Life in Letters
by James Warren and Mark Ryland Bridges

For years, Laurence Bounds has been pestering some of the most patient customer service departmen... read more >>

The Look of Jazz Cover Image The Look of Jazz
by David Harvey

The Look of Jazz is a collection of 90 photographs of musicians taken by photographer and musicia... read more >>

Words, Images and Imagination Cover Image Words, Images and Imagination
by Andrew Pratt

This unique collection of original poems, watercolour prints and photos, all by the author, explo... read more >>

Mummy's Hair Cover Image Mummy's Hair
by Samantha Badman

Smile and laugh as you discover where you might find Mummy’s hair with this delightful and ... read more >>

Oh Alby: The Puppies go to Magic School Cover Image Oh Alby: The Puppies go to Magic School
by Jodi Walker

Everybody knows Albert is clumsy, but can he go to Magic School without anything going wrong&hell... read more >>

Sam Star 'Anything Can Happen' Cover Image Sam Star 'Anything Can Happen'
by Aaron James

Sam Star 'Anything Can Happen' is a collection of fun exciting stories based around a young boy t... read more >>

Crisis in the Gulf Cover Image Crisis in the Gulf
by Peter J Foot

A Crisis in the Gulf is the story of the events following the result of President Trump’s d... read more >>

Smell of Lavender Cover Image Smell of Lavender
by Kirk Foster

This is a fictitious story set against the factual events that took place during the summer of 18... read more >>

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