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Remote Presence – A Practical Guide To Communicating Effectively In A Remote Environment Cover Image Remote Presence – A Practical Guide To Communica
by Sarah Brummitt

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that communication is easy, because it is not. Being an effe... read more >>

Encounters Cover Image Encounters
by Kenneth Payne

The fire of love in some of its different forms is described in graphic detail in this book by Ke... read more >>

Two-Seat Spitfires: The Complete Story Cover Image Two-Seat Spitfires: The Complete Story
by Greg Davis, John Sanderson and Peter Arnold

The Spitfire – there have been many hundreds, maybe even thousands, of books written about ... read more >>

Gammie's Catboat Cover Image Gammie's Catboat
by Timali Ebanks

In this book, Vanessa learns the importance of being true to herself and celebrating her unique t... read more >>

Benny Bumble Bee 2 Cover Image Benny Bumble Bee 2
by Philip Smith

Follow Benny Bumblee in his further adventures - Two books in one colourful book. read more >>

Soltary Warrior Cover Image Soltary Warrior
by Paul E Mason

Part IV - Kat Severn turned her back on her privileged and moneyed upbringing, instead pursuing a... read more >>

Hendon-Moscow-Dorset, a memoir (and Birmingham) Cover Image Hendon-Moscow-Dorset, a memoir (and Birmingham)
by Philip Hanson

Philip Hanson is a jazz fan, a cricket fan and a Russia-watcher. He has also been a husband for m... read more >>

Wander Cover Image Wander
by Bill Thompson

The author started writing as a child. By seven wanted to be an architect. By twenty-four had bec... read more >>

A wrong turn Cover Image A wrong turn
by Sue Evans

Two books in one!  A Wrong Turn  A wrong turn at a fork in the road unwittingly leads... read more >>

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