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Two-Seat Spitfires: The Complete Story Cover Image Two-Seat Spitfires: The Complete Story
by Greg Davis, John Sanderson and Peter Arnold

The Spitfire – there have been many hundreds, maybe even thousands, of books written about ... read more >>

Gammie's Catboat Cover Image Gammie's Catboat
by Timali Ebanks

In this book, Vanessa learns the importance of being true to herself and celebrating her unique t... read more >>

Benny Bumble Bee 2 Cover Image Benny Bumble Bee 2
by Philip Smith

Follow Benny Bumblee in his further adventures - Two books in one colourful book. read more >>

Soltary Warrior Cover Image Soltary Warrior
by Paul E Mason

Part IV - Kat Severn turned her back on her privileged and moneyed upbringing, instead pursuing a... read more >>

Hendon-Moscow-Dorset, a memoir (and Birmingham) Cover Image Hendon-Moscow-Dorset, a memoir (and Birmingham)
by Philip Hanson

Philip Hanson is a jazz fan, a cricket fan and a Russia-watcher. He has also been a husband for m... read more >>

Wander Cover Image Wander
by Bill Thompson

The author started writing as a child. By seven wanted to be an architect. By twenty-four had bec... read more >>

A wrong turn Cover Image A wrong turn
by Sue Evans

Two books in one!  A Wrong Turn  A wrong turn at a fork in the road unwittingly leads... read more >>

Thirty years of butterflies in traditional Lancashire and Cheshire Cover Image Thirty years of butterflies in traditional Lancash
by Peter Hardy

Thirty years of Butterflies in traditional Lancashire and Cheshire. A regional butterfly atlas w... read more >>

Leave nothing but footprints Cover Image Leave nothing but footprints
by Caroline Nieuwenhuis

This Poem book takes you on an underwater adventure to meet all sorts of characters under the sea... read more >>

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