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A Welsh Uncle Cover Image A Welsh Uncle
by John Dann

 Thomas Henry Morgan was born into a musical mining family at end of the nineteenth century.... read more >>

Wiggly Jon & the Blackbird Cover Image Wiggly Jon & the Blackbird
by Philip Mott

Wiggly Jon & the Blackbird. Join our Hero worms as they escape the Evil Blackbird. The book... read more >>

Atme Cover Image Atme
by Sissel Tvedte

In all den Jahren in denen ich mit Loslasstechniken, mit befreiendem Atmen, Atemarbeit, Rebirthi... read more >>

The Pheasant Cover Image The Pheasant
by Glenda Palmer-Vibert

Sadly, my dear wife Glenda, died on the 6th of February, 2014. Glenda was born In Llanelli, west... read more >>

Harry Love: Contract for Murder Cover Image Harry Love: Contract for Murder
by Daphne Machon

When a business man is shot dead in his car at his place of work, Superintendent Harriet Love an... read more >>

Thomas Cook's Rugby Club Cover Image Thomas Cook's Rugby Club
by John Dann

Four years after the Sports Club was formed – are the time of Edward VII’s Coronation... read more >>

Roads of Retrebution Cover Image Roads of Retrebution
by J A Banham

So you’re a long distance trucker and you give a very attractive hitchhicker a lift. Be war... read more >>

The Kimchaek Conspiracy Cover Image The Kimchaek Conspiracy
by Michael Patrick Collins

A huge oil storage facility to the north of London is destroyed by a mysterious fire. Seven ol... read more >>

Peru Travels Cover Image Peru Travels
by Darren Stevens

To reach Machu Picchu one must first navigate a path over the Andes Mountains, instead of hiking ... read more >>

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