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To Scan or Not to Scan Cover Image To Scan or Not to Scan
by Colin McAllister

Colin McAllister was born in 1942 in Sao Paulo, Brazil but has lived in St Andrews since 1955. H... read more >>

Mr Nobody; Almost famous, but not quite Cover Image Mr Nobody; Almost famous, but not quite
by Desmond McGrath

His father, an Irishman, was on the run from the “Brits”. He took refuge in Jersey C... read more >>

A Welsh Uncle Cover Image A Welsh Uncle
by John Dann

 Thomas Henry Morgan was born into a musical mining family at end of the nineteenth century.... read more >>

Wiggly Jon & the Blackbird Cover Image Wiggly Jon & the Blackbird
by Philip Mott

Wiggly Jon & the Blackbird. Join our Hero worms as they escape the Evil Blackbird. The book... read more >>

Atme Cover Image Atme
by Sissel Tvedte

In all den Jahren in denen ich mit Loslasstechniken, mit befreiendem Atmen, Atemarbeit, Rebirthi... read more >>

The Pheasant Cover Image The Pheasant
by Glenda Palmer-Vibert

Sadly, my dear wife Glenda, died on the 6th of February, 2014. Glenda was born In Llanelli, west... read more >>

Harry Love: Contract for Murder Cover Image Harry Love: Contract for Murder
by Daphne Machon

When a business man is shot dead in his car at his place of work, Superintendent Harriet Love an... read more >>

Thomas Cook's Rugby Club Cover Image Thomas Cook's Rugby Club
by John Dann

Four years after the Sports Club was formed – are the time of Edward VII’s Coronation... read more >>

Roads of Retrebution Cover Image Roads of Retrebution
by J A Banham

So you’re a long distance trucker and you give a very attractive hitchhicker a lift. Be war... read more >>

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