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Fast-Print author featured in the Daily Express

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Deadlines: A labour of love

LOUISE Oddy ploughed the grief and shock at the sudden loss of her partner into a highly personal mission…

By: Sarah Welsh Published: Fri, February 8, 2013   0Comments

Louise-lost-Chris-to-cancer-in-2007Louise lost Chris to cancer in 2007

Chris Dunn used to say of his ‘soulmate’ Louise, ‘She’s going to make an honest man of me.’ But tragically this wasn’t to be.

After being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2007 Chris lost his battle to live just three weeks later – as Louise, his partner of more than 20 years, was trying to plan their wedding.

‘It was just awful,’ Louise, 58, recalls vividly. ‘Losing Chris was such a shock - it totally rocked me to the core. I went from organising our big day to going to register his death instead.

‘He’d gone into hospital as doctors were still running tests to determine his exact condition. But he never came out.’

Chris was just 62. An esteemed financial journalist he had worked on titles including the Economist and the Financial Times as well as being Chief Economist for the Royal Bank of Canada in his time. But his great love, other than Louise, was writing novels.

Chris published his first book, Deadlines, back in 1981, six years before he actually met Louise. But there was to be a gap of more than a decade before he started penning the sequel in what turned into a collection of 12 gripping titles which make up The Contango Series.

Espionage thrillers set in the worlds of finance, news publishing and international intelligence, it took Chris more than 30 years to finish the series – although sadly he didn’t live to see the last three books in print.

At the heart of the series is anti-hero Joe, a banker turned spy whose redeeming features only come to light on close inspection. His fictional world, although created by Chris years ago, is easily recognisable today as economists predict a financial crash and newspaper editors are held up as examples of corruption.

In fact Chris’ books have been described as way ahead of their time in terms of predicting a global market crash and an unprecedented wave of banking fraud.

‘Chris was very prophetic about what was going to happen with the economy,’ Louise explains. ‘Every week he’d look at the global markets and interest rates and made notes on what he felt they indicated for what was happening worldwide. Then he’d print off a sheet which got circulated everywhere from his friends down the local pub in Chelsea to people he knew on the International Monetary Committee.

‘He was very concerned about the ‘dark clouds’ around the corner, and one of his last sentences was: ‘I don’t think the UK can get out of this for many years.’

‘Watching the events of the last few years in light of what Chris predicted has been fascinating. He wrote these financial commentaries into the novels and when I first read them I told him some of what he talked about was too far-fetched. But he was right.

‘When I lost him I knew I had to get all the books published and re-released for him. It was this focus on his books that carried me through the devastation at him being gone. I clung to that.’

Retired lawyer Louise personally edited and published the last three titles in The Contango Series and has just overseen a re-design and re-release of the whole collection. Now her one hope is that people pick up the books – which is all Chris ever wanted.

‘He wasn’t someone who was scared to air his views and I think that’s something to be admired,’ Louise admits. ‘It was never about money for Chris, in fact he was always giving loads of books away. He just wanted people to read what he’d written.’


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